Who is Clancy E. Turnbow Sr.?

Clancy E. Turnbow Sr.  graduated from South Shore High School, Malcolm X College and Coyne Institute in Chicago.  Love of family,  maintaining and supporting friends and  was the mainstay of Clancy’s life.  Many of his co-workers became like family,  he nurtured and valued  relationships. He  worked l on the South Side of Chicago..  He attended  Chicago City Colleges and Coyne Institute also in Chicago. His love of baseball and football began  as a youngster and continued throughout his life. House music had  an undeniable place in his fun times. 

As  an electrical parts salesman, for over 19 years.  His work ethic spoke for itself.  He was recognized by his employer at Advance Electrical Company where he was employed for 17 years   as an extremely  knowledgeable, dependable and exceptional employee who went the extra mile to do more he was paid or expected to do. This reputation continued at Brook Electrical Company.      

Clancy often shared that the most important event in his life was the birth of his name  son Clancy.  “Little Clancy” was indelibly stamped on his heart and in his being. As a dad, one of  his greatest gifts was his undeniable willingness to always be present to provide support.  Providing a quality education was a must.   He thrived in his new school environment and began to excel in mathematics and other academic subjects.   He, like his dad, enjoys sports. To Clancy Sr, family also  meant  being present and cheering at all of his son’s basketball and baseball games.  Communication, talking and sharing ideas with his son was always a must. Academic excellence in preparation for his son’s college education had begun.  Visits to colleges had began and “Little Clancy” exhibited his excitement as he toured college campuses with the family.