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Keeping It Covered

We got you covered!

A uniquely designed, portable, reusable, sustainable lid.

Its unique design is a better alternative to paper napkins (which can ruin your drink) and bar coasters (which aren’t always sanitary) to cover & protect your drinks in social settings.

Happy Hour should never be toxic!

Happy Hour should never mean unwanted toxins in your beverage! Drug facilitated sexual assault can happen to anyone at any moment, whether you are alone or with a group friends. Keeping It Covered wants to help combat this situation by giving businesses the ammo they need to create a safer environment. Everyone should be able to enjoy themselves without worrying about what's in their cup. 

Reasons to believe

With Each Purchase We Donate

The Clancy Turnbow Foundation will provide financial assistance to families that have suffered the death of a parent of minor children due to COVID-19.