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Keep your drink safe from unwanted contaminants, debris and bugs.

Keeping It Covered

We want to help you protect yourself

Why? Because 1 in 5 women are victims of some sort of sexual assault. Many perpetrators use drugs to compromise an individual’s ability to consent and resist. Drug facilitated sexual assault can happen to anyone, by anyone, whether the perpetrator is a date, an acquaintance, or someone you have known a long time. People have always encouraged you to “watch your drink when you’re in public.” We’re empowering you do just that. Keeping it Covered has got you covered!

Reasons to believe

A uniquely designed, portable, reusable, sustainable lid.

Its unique design is a better alternative to paper napkins (which can ruin your drink) and bar coasters (which aren’t always sanitary) to cover & protect your drinks in social settings.

With Each Purchase We Donate

The Clancy Turnbow Foundation will provide financial assistance to families that have suffered the death of a parent of minor children due to COVID-19.