Man Asks Woman Why She Covered Drink With Napkin In Viral TikTok

Men who don’t know are red flags’: Man asks woman why she covers her drink with a napkin in viral TikTok

Women in the comments agreed it's a common precaution taken on a night out.

A woman having a drink in public apparently attracted the attention of a man who was curious why she put a paper napkin over her beverage. 

A TikTok of the encounter—posted by user Chloë Dawson (@brocchloeee)—shows her in a crowded space as she’s approached by a man. His face is never shown, but viewers see him attempt to poke through her napkin with his finger.

The text overlay on Dawson’s video reads: “When a man asks why I’m covering my drink. … [Your] interest in my covered drink is the exact reason wdym!” 

As a caption, Dawson wrote, “The girls that get it, get it.”

Indeed, covering your beverage with a napkin is one way to prevent drinks from getting unknowingly spiked with Rohypnol or roofies. Over the years, however, there have been a number of gadgets introduced that alert people whether their beverage was drugged.

One 2016 study of college students found that almost 8% of students said they’ve had drugs put into their drinks. On the flip side, 1.4% said they’ve drugged someone else. And of those who’ve been drugged, 12.1% said they’ve been the victims of “unwanted sexual touching.”

As a result, many people said they understand why Dawson took precautions in crowded spaces. Her video has over 185,000 views and hundreds of comments. 

“How do men not know something so obvious, like what?” wrote one commenter. 

“The people we have to explain why it’s covered are the ones who we are covering it from,” said another TikToker. 

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