Tripledemic Update: RSV, Covid And Flu 2023


The United States has already plunged into one of the roughest seasons of winter illnesses in decades. After nearly three years of being sequestered, children and adults are back out in crowds, with no masks, no distancing, and viruses waiting with open arms.

Well, open RNA strands, at least. We’ve rounded the bend on the first big holiday, Thanksgiving, and the results after almost three weeks are already looking pretty grim.

Hospitalizations From Covid And Flu

Covid-19 cases are rising steadily throughout the country, as are Covid-related hospitalizations. This time last year, we were just entering the first omicron variant surge, and now, several sub-variants beyond omicron’s first B.A.-1, the situation in the U.S. is shaping up somewhat similarly to 2021.

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